Passionate about progress

We embark with students on the adventure that is learning for life providing the context, expertise, and opportunities they need to flourish and succeed through every stage.

Vision & Mission


To develop accomplished citizens who contribute, live meaningfully and succeed.


To promote peak performance by delivering an outstanding education that is: purposeful, personal, positive, practical and principled.


  • create a safe and stimulating learning environment
  • personalise learning to cater for varied interests, needs and aspirations
  • teach and model positivity; the mindset and character strengths that build resilience
  • instil the academic and personal skills required to thrive in our digital, global society
  • foster a moral code and service ethic.


Our values describe what is important to us and inform how we engage with each other and go about our work. They shape our culture and define our unique spirit as we put them into practice.

We are committed to excellence, rising to high expectations, and to being and giving our best.

We make progress by being positive and working hard. The rewards are character development, satisfaction, opportunity and success.

We aim to know and do the right thing. We are truthful, keep our word and treat ourselves, others, and the environment with respect.

We are friendly, caring and inclusive, appreciate diversity and support each other. This fosters belonging and lifelong connection.

We seek to live meaningfully and champion social justice by showing compassion, helping meet community need, living sustainably and promoting human rights.