At Essendon Keilor College we are a BYOD school, where students are expected to bring a personal laptop device to school to enhance their educational experience. We have a partnership with JBHiFi to be able to provide families with support in regards to purchasing an appropriate device for their child.

At Essendon Keilor College we believe that the teaching of cybersafe and responsible online behaviour is essential in the lives of students and is best taught in partnership between home and school. 21st century students spend increasing amounts of time online learning and socialising. These online communities need cybercitizens who do the right thing by themselves and others online, particularly when no one is watching. Safe and responsible behaviour online is explicitly taught at our school and parents/guardians are requested to reinforce this behaviour at home. Some online activities are illegal and as such will be reported to police.

Safe and responsible use of technology at Essendon Keilor College

Essendon Keilor College uses the internet for a range of educational purposes. We see the internet and mobile technology as valuable resources, but acknowledge they must be used responsibly.

At Essendon Keilor College we:

  • have a cybersafe and responsible use program from Years 7-12 that reinforces the values and behaviours of the school code of conduct when students use technology and the internet.
  • provide a filtered internet service at school
  • provide supervision and direction in internet activities and when using mobile technologies for learning
  • use mobile technologies for educational purposes (e.g. podcasts or photos from excursions)
  • provide support information to parents about the safe use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) through information evenings, newsletters and through the document attached to this newsletter
  • provide support to parents to understand this agreement (e.g. language support)