We are thrilled to present an exciting opportunity for aspiring netball players to elevate their skills and excel in the sport they love.

At the EKC Netball Academy, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier coaching and resources to nurture our athletes' growth on the court. This commitment is exemplified through our partnership with the Essendon Thunder program, helmed by head rep coach Fiona Maher. With her extensive experience and expertise, Fionar enriches our academy with a wealth of knowledge, ensuring our players receive the highest quality instruction.

As a member of the EKC Netball Academy, you gain access to exclusive sessions with Vixens players, offering invaluable insights and inspiration from some of the game's finest. Additionally, you enjoy priority access to Netball Victoria tournaments, including the prestigious Victorian Schools Cup. These opportunities not only challenge you but also provide a platform to showcase your talents on a competitive stage.

Our academy sessions are meticulously crafted to enhance all facets of the game, encompassing technical skills, tactical understanding, fitness, and mental resilience. Whether you're a seasoned player refining your abilities or a newcomer eager to learn and grow, our program caters to all skill levels and aspirations.

Join us at the Essendon Keilor College Netball Academy and soar to new heights in your game!