Students can access short-term counselling and support at all three campuses with our Wellbeing Team which includes school-based specialists; Mental Health Practitioner, Student Wellbeing Coordinators and intervention staff.

Student Wellbeing Services are provided by professional staff with qualifications and expertise specific to the area of wellbeing and service may include a range of group-based and individual support, student capacity building and the provision of specialised services.

Student Wellbeing Coordinators (SWC)

The Student Wellbeing Coordinator (SWC) supports the wellbeing of the students in the school community at their specific campus. There is a collegiate approach to this where the team will work across the college as required to best support our students and families. Our SWCs are available to help students and their parents/carers with any educational, family or personal issues and can help students and families to access a wide variety of expertise and community resources.

Mental Health Practitioner (MHP)

Our Mental Health practitioner provides an additional resource to the student engagement and wellbeing team. They work flexibly across the college and their work is focused on the needs and priorities of individual students who need extra support. Their work includes:

  • Contributing to whole-school approaches to mental health prevention and promotion

  • Provision of direct counselling support to students and other early intervention services

  • Coordination of supports for students with more complex needs

Mental Health practitioners provide short term intervention for students with mild to moderate mental health needs and liaise with relevant internal and external services when students need more intensive support.